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August 27, 2021  

The Home of the Sister in Law Artists

In this episode, Kerry and Steve sit down in the studio with Watercolor Artist extraordinaire Herb Willey.  Herb shares his experience as a representational artist and we learn how he became internationally famous.  Following a career in industrial design and a fascination with automobiles, Willey has fully immersed himself in his painting for the last 8 years, experiencing a personal transformation.  He also shares a healthy dose of cynicism of the art industry.   

Then Steve goes on location for Second Saturday at the venerable Gallery 220, where we caught up wit Herb’s wife Serena. Serena, Herb’s biggest fan, subject matter expert and social media marketer has pushed Herb to new levels of craftsmanship and acclaim.

In the second half, Kerry takes a short trip up Rt. 603 to the new location of the Starfish Café, her favorite restaurant just about anywhere.  Kerry has a chance to learn the Starfish story from Di Fillhaurt. Di, a retired NICU nurse and lifelong street minister was brought to the Bay to do relief work in the wake of Katrina.  Di tells us all about the new Starfish and it’s non-profit roots with Pneuma-Winds of Hope.  Di’s youngest son Zachary runs the kitchen using whole foods and local ingredients.  Zach’s been cooking with DI since a young child, but earned his kitchen cred from a Greek grandmother.  Di tells a compelling story of the sorrow of COVID, the importance of vaccines and a message of hope.

August 13, 2021  

Golf Cart Parking Only

In the fifth episode, Steve, The Mad Podder talks with recent retiree Edmund Meyer about living the golf cart life in Old Town.  Then it’s a quick trip up Main St. for Second Saturday at Gallery 220 with local artists Spencer Gray, Jr.  and Artist of the Month Amy Kramer. 

July 30, 2021  

Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be a Pirate

In this episode, the tables are turned, as Ellis Anderson, Publisher of the Shoofly Magazine becomes the interviewee instead of the interviewer. She gives us the inside scoop on the history of The Shoofly Magazine and it’s sister publication French Quarter Journal. We learn how these publications and other grassroots efforts fill a gap in hyperlocal reporting on the arts, culture and lifestyle scene.  In the discussion, we explore how emerging technology and good storytelling can transform and build community.  


A very hungry Kerry Maloney goes across the bridge to Pass Christian to give us a  full rundown of daily specials at Bacchus on The Beach.  


Then its back to the studio to talk Mardi Gras with the Seahorse Krewes Lady Claiborne played by Noel Allen and Captain Longbeard played by Albert Ghergich. In the interview, Captain and Lady tell us all about the history and mythos of The Mystic Krewe of The Seahorse.  They share tips for decorating golf carts for the Lundi Gras parade, constructing “dangerously flamboyant” costumes, and other techniques to “Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate, then always be a pirate.”  We also get a preview of the upcoming Mutiny in The Bay party.

July 16, 2021  

Crossroads and Bumper Boats

In Episode 3, we meet Bernie Cullen, one of the most humble and busy community servants in Hancock County. Bernie will tell us about her work in the community, the history of the Waveland Ground Zero Hurricane Museum and the legacy of Lili Stahler.  Then we go down to the Bay St Louis Harbor with ART.BSL special correspondent Edmond Mayer for the Hancock County Historical Society’s Inaugural Cardboard Boat Race.  Then it’s back to the Ground Zero Museum to learn all about the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition: Crossroads in Rural America.

July 9, 2021  

Crab Claws vs. White Claws

In this episode, Steve, the “Mad Potter,” goes to Waveland’s Juneteenth celebration and learns to play chess. Then it’s an epic battle of crab claws and White Claws as Kerry Maloney eats and drinks her way across Crab Fest. Finally, it’s locals only for last call at Gabbies, otherwise known as the “last dirty place in the Bay.”  

June 28, 2021  

Meet the Traveler Broads

Episode 1- In this episode, Steve talks to Maloney and Fender; The Traveler Broads.  They discuss of variety of topics from the cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado to the impact of Burningman culture.  They discuss Fender's article in "Behind Bay St. Louis' rise as the artsy, relaxed beach town drawing New Orleanians in droves"


About ART.BSL  a new weekly podcast.  The podcast, with a finger on the pulse of the exciting arts and culture scene on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, will include interviews in-studio, on location, and virtually.  This podcast is designed to tell the inside stories of the people behind the scenes who are making our community one of the fastest growing areas in the region.

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